Brad Pitt Attacked at Premier

December 13, 2016

Vitallai the prankster, who could be called every celebrity’s nightmare, struck again. This time with a direct and unexpected assault towards Brad Pitt himself. From a security standpoint it begs the question of not only Brad Pitt’s personal bodyguards, but also the wider event security, given such high profile guests were in attendance.

As a CPO such an incident highlights that constant vigilance is paramount, particularly in the face of the unexpected. CUP provides ample training to be fully prepared for such occasions.

Despite the notorious behaviour of Vitallai being renowned to target countless celebrities at high profile events, it would be a given that he would be recognised. However, in the true Vitallai style he was able to effortlessly surpass all security restrictions, including CPOs making a direct attack on Brad Pitt. From a security standpoint, VItallia highlights some worrying security implications for the nature of high profile events and even more so for Brad Pits CPOs.

The particular assault resulted in the physical contact of being hit in the face. It was reported to be just a short space of time before his CPOs intervened but if Vitallai’s intentions were to harm him this exposure without protection, at the very least could have been highly dangerous.

Similar situations of such levels of personal contact can arise when overzealous fans or excited people reach out or lunge towards celebrities. This is where the skill of CUP comes into calming such groups and being able to diffuse any threats or hazards.

At CUP all our operatives are trained to the highest standard and constantly refreshed and scrutinised under surveillance techniques.

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