Taylor Swift attacked on stage

December 13, 2016

At a concert performance, so many factors have to be considered in relation to the principal’s safety.

CPO have to be prepared for unlikely circumstances from not only fans or other threats but also from the principal. The principal can put themselves into unknowing danger by simply trying to engage with their fans.

I want to focus on a situation that happened quite recently whereby a fan managed to get on stage and grab Taylor swift. In any aspect of the security world this is a major security breach and a big threat to the principal.

The advance CP team should prepare for any likely events similar to this and put things in place to minimise or eliminate this happening.
Advancing is all about pre planning safety and anlaysing any threats that may occur before they happen. Implementing suitable models to miminise any threats and improve safety is then the most imminent part.

If this concert or the stage layout was properly advanced, it would have been crucial to ensure that access to the stage was monitored.

In other situations, poor advancing may not only be to blame. The advance team may have had done the necessary checks and applied the models but concentration levels are equally of huge importance in such events. Being pre-occupied on the concert than the principal is often quite common. It is always necessary to ensure as is policy of CUP that protection of the artist at the concert is the key feature.

Video footage shows an individual on stage for a few seconds before the CP team managed to remove him. CUP restrict such occurrences of the artist being in such conditions.

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