America Ferrara Ambushed at Cannes Film Festival

December 13, 2016

There is a thin line between humour and humiliation. CUP makes the timely decision as to when a joke of a prankster can go to the lengths of causing great personal damage to a celebrity image. The red carpet prankster Vitalli posed for camera whilst he dived under America Ferrara’s large dress. Whilst the early part of the behaviour initially posed as harmless and jovial the following action created not only embarrassment for Ferrara to say the least, but also a great security risk to her.

There are serious security implications about the failure of making quick and appropriate judgements when a risk presents itself.  Not only was Vitalli able to secure close proximity of Ferrara but also was able to dive under her dress. This was a very compromising position for America. Additionally, this outcome could have been far worse and raises the question of security and safety of America at this high profile event.

CUP is committed to ensuring that such events which cause personal distress and embarrassment are prevented even before they happen.

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