Perception of bodyguards

December 13, 2016

The Perception of bodyguards has changed significantly through time. Huge intimidating men in black attire or suits were the best description or representation of a bodyguard until ladies came on the scene.
Now if a lady is spotted with a celebrity or VIP, it may not be a PA or secretary, but could be a close protection officer.
The stereotypical role of a female, e.g. picking up children from school, cooking etc has adapted to roles of men in every field; even to high profile protection which was once deemed only for the strong built elite man.
Demand for female bodyguards has increased through time, simultaneously with the evolution of bodyguarding, which is now referred to as Close Protection. The idea of a Close Operation operative, especially at a high level when protecting MP or royalty is to blend in and not be noticed; only emerging when there is a problem. A female bodyguard Maybe good at the above also can be deemed as looking less threatening. This could be a look that a MP may want, when out on a campaign.
Prime Minister David Cameron and Kate Middleton are among the latest to be spotted with female Close Protection Officers. Many other celebrities are in the list that has female protection officers.
At Close Unit Protection, we recognize the need and demand for female CPO. We have an Elite team of female CPO’s that are trained to the highest standard and are available upon request. Please email for more info.

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